Have you ever tried making a song request?

Did it get played, or did you wait “A Thousand Years” and not “Get Lucky?”

This can happen for many reasons;

  • The client has provided a playlist
  • They don’t have or can’t play your song
  • There are too many requests and not enough time to play them
  • Your request wasn’t thought out or clearly understood

How can you guarantee that your song gets played? 

Follow these 5 simple rules when making a request

  1. Do you know the name of the song and the artist?

Nothing will kill your request faster than not knowing exactly what you’re asking for!

DJs and musicians don’t have time to waste while you fumble through a song request.

Know exactly what you want to hear and who plays it. There are many popular songs that are performed by a variety of artists. Did you mean “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan or Rod Stewart? Did you really want to request “Young Forever” by Jay-Z?

  1. Does your request make sense?

Your song request should have meaning to it. Don’t make a request simply because you can.

Sometimes a party-goer feels the need to request a song just to see if it gets played. This is guaranteed not to work on a professional entertainer. They don’t think it’s funny and no one else gets that inside joke between you and your friends. It’s important to request music that fits the mood and will get everyone involved. Save that obscure song request for your ride home!

  1. Timing is everything…

Waiting for the right time can make or break your song request.

Does the DJ or band leader look like they’re busy? Do they have their hands on a mixer or instrument? Are they staring intently at a laptop or tablet screen? If you answer yes to any of these questions, WAIT! Don’t distract them from their performance just to request a song. Tapping someone on the shoulder or touching their equipment while they’re on stage is not only rude, it’s a deal breaker when it comes to your request. Be patient, wait for them to make eye contact with you and ask what you want.

  1. “Don’t Be Cruel”

The easiest way to get your request played is if you ask them nicely!

It sounds simple but a few too many cocktails can bring out the worst in people. Don’t be upset if they don’t have or know your song. Maybe they have the song but it doesn’t fit with the mood they’re creating. Was the music playing softly for dinner? A request for a Hard Rock or a Rap song isn’t going to work! Keep it light and don’t get angry if your song isn’t getting played. “Everyone is an expert on the music that they know.” A professional entertainer is an expert on all of it.

  1. You gotta “own it!”

If you followed all these guidelines, you’re guaranteed to get your song played!

Congratulations! You got your song played! Now don’t forget the most important step… DANCE! Get all your friends out on the dance floor to support your song request! If you leave the entertainer hanging they won’t take more requests from you. You need to get out there and show them that they made the right choice!

Here’s what the pro’s have to say

“Making a song request is an art form in and of itself. Put yourself in the position of the DJ, will this song clear the dance floor? If I think it will, no chance it gets played!”

“Entertaining a large group of people of mixed ages and backgrounds is nearly impossible to do. We have to be very careful in what we play to keep most of the people happy, most of the time. Majority rules when it comes to a packed dance floor.”

“Just be cool about it. We’re people just like anyone else. Treat us that way and there’s a good chance we hook you up.”

Finding the right music for a large event is a touchy subject for both DJs and musicians. Remember these 5 steps to pack the dance floor with your next song request!

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